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Doing things differently
Real impact requires doing things differently. And not just differently, but fundamentally better. That’s why we have decided not to become yet another strategy consultancy/advisory firm, but to pursue a different model.
We have developed a global network of expert individuals, highly specialized boutique advisories as well as NGOs. We use this network to arrange specific client service packages in a highly flexible and targeted way and/or to complement client teams and skill sets in specific areas.
We don’t claim to have all expertise available in-house, but we know where to get the best expertise, paired with hands-on experience – or we tell you if we don’t.
By the way, in many cases, StIR actually operates under a “white brand” strategy, with our experts acting under the umbrella and branding of clients. It is not about building StIR’s public brand and perception. It is all about you!
This is consistent with our philosophy: We are committed to becoming your partner and joining you on the full journey, rather than just providing some advice from the side.

Our sweet spots – Economic development; public sector advisory; private sector support at the overlap with politics/government
You find most of our experts at the crossroads of government/politics and business/economic development. These are our real sweet spots. We are proud of the impact already achieved there, and eager for more.
That said: Because of our flexible yet comprehensive network model, StIR has provided valuable insights across a wide range of industries, topics and geographies. Where required, we also act as consolidator and coordinator of individual experts across multiple geographies, sectors and/or areas of expertise.
Our promise: If you need a specific expert, he or she may already be part of our network – or we will find her or him for you!

Benefit from our unique global network, at top quality
StIR Experts have worked with:
● Government agencies, not only in an advisory capacity but also on temporary secondments (including in senior leadership roles);
● Private sector firms, as board-level advisers, project support and/or tasked with special confidential mandates;
● Individual investors/high-net-worth individuals, requiring highly specialized insights or personalized support in a discreet way;
● Other professional services firms (e.g., strategy consultancies, risk advisory firms, strategic communication firms, etc.), complementing the internal capabilities of those firms; and
● Not-for-profit organizations, helping them accomplish their visions.
Examples of services offered by StIR Experts include:
● Economic development strategies
● Private public partnerships
● Public sector excellence programmes
● Global benchmarking and experience exchanges
● (Geo-)Political analysis and advice
● Political risk assessments and mitigation strategies
● Delivery excellence (including the setup of delivery units)
● Crisis readiness assessment and scenario planning
● Integrated crisis support
● Strategic positioning, communications and reputation management
● Please refer to our special sections on the following topics:
o Cities and Special Economic Zones
o Investment Facilitation
o Skills Development  

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our offering and/or receive a specific quote

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