Investment Facilitation

Fuelling economies and individual deals
Creating opportunities and achieving impact globally are inseparably linked with investments. Investments are the fuel that drives economies.
StIR approaches investment facilitation from the economic development perspective, combining the big picture perspective with attention to detail that makes the difference in a world where competition for capital, and in particular FDI, is becoming fiercer and fiercer.
That doesn’t mean we are not involved in individual deals. With our global network of experts and their wide range of experiences and contacts, we bring the additional level of expertise, insight and connections to the table that may prove decisive for the prospects of a deal. In all our involvements, we treat confidentiality and discretion with utmost importance.

Making your deals happen
StIR Experts have worked with:
● Governments and semi-governmental agencies, helping them create an attractive foreign direct investment climate & offering and positioning the offering with investors;
● Individual opportunity/asset holders, e.g., in the natural resources space, helping them identify and attract potential investors;
● Individual (potential) investors, looking for specific opportunities;
● Both/all parties to a potential deal, helping them reach a mutually attractive agreement and/or advising them on resolving potential roadblocks.
Examples of services offered by StIR Experts include:
● Macro-Level Investment Facilitation
o FDI strategies on country or regional level
o Value proposition and opportunities identification
o FDI storylining and positioning
o FDI attraction support
o Investment agency setup and development
● Deal-Level Investment Facilitation
o Opportunity scouting and strategic assessment
o Opportunity/asset strategy development and story-lining
o Introduction services
o Negotiation support
o Negotiations and deal management/coordination
o Post-investment/merger/takeover planning
o Related PR and communications
o Stakeholder involvement and management
StIR does not offer, nor intends to imply in any way that it offers, legal and/or financial advisory services or any other services of a regulated nature.

Putting skin into the game
In selected cases of major projects (e.g., the development of a Special Economic Zone or start-up opportunities, on their way to an IPO), StIR has agreed to partial compensation by shares or similar arrangements. Whenever such arrangements are in place, StIR pays special attention to avoiding any potential or actual conflict of interests. 

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