Cities and Special Economic Zones

Amazing success - but only if you get it right
City and Special Economic Zone developments have become very popular across the world. This is no surprise: There are amazing examples of such zones that have created not just employment and further opportunities, but have become the engines of growth and development of whole regions. Some of them have actually reshaped countries and industries.
However, only a small share of zones has made a real difference and achieved the desired impact. Many others have never lived up to the expectations or even failed terribly.

What it takes
At StIR, we believe in the potential of special zones – and we know from experience what it takes to succeed. From the perspective of governments, of special zone operators, of special zone investor consortia, and of tenants.
The formula sounds so simple: a clear purpose; a supportive regulatory environment; a specific and well thought through plan, not only for the core zone but the whole ecosystem; and excellence in execution – coupled with consistent positioning and pro-active communications.
In real life, it takes a lot of commitment and practical experience to navigate the waters – we are committed to becoming your partner and joining you on the full journey, rather than just providing some advice from the side.

Benefit from our comprehensive global expertise and practical, hands-on experience
StIR Experts have worked with:
● Governments, to create the necessary regulatory and economic environment allowing special zones to flourish and position themselves;
● Special zone entities/authorities, from initial concept and inception all the way to implementation and growth;
● Special zone investor consortia, supporting and representing the interests either of the investor consortium overall or of individual consortium members; and
● Individual (potential) tenants, to help them select the right special zone that matches their needs and requirements.
Services offered by StIR Experts and Partners include:
● Definition of value proposition
● International benchmarking
● Strategic concept development
● Economic strategy development
● Ecosystem strategy development
● Regulatory strategy development
● Business case development
● Negotiation support
● Investor consortium coordination and support
● Consultants and contractor guidance and management
● Project coordination and management
● Execution support
● Core staff identification and recruiting
● Skill building and coaching
● Anchor investors/tenants identification and outreach
● Strategic positioning and communications
● Investor/tenant roadshows and other efforts
● Crisis readiness assessments and scenario planning
● Integrated crisis support


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